Backlit/ Frontlit Boards

Backlit Board

A backlit board is a type of display board that is designed to have light shine through it from behind, illuminating the text or graphics on the board. Backlit boards use a variety of lighting methods, including fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, and electroluminescence (EL) technology. These boards are commonly used in advertising and branding applications.

They are often found in places such as Stores, Shopping malls, airports, malls, and bus stations, where they are used to communicate messages to large groups of people through a lighting diaplay. Backlit boards can also be used for decorative purposes, such as in home theatre setups or as part of interior design schemes to highlight information that is not visible in darkness.

Frontlit Board

A frontlit board is a type of illuminated sign that uses LED lights placed at the front of the regular laminated frame to create a bright and vibrant display. The LEDs are typically arranged in a pattern to ensure even lighting falls across the entire frame surface. The light placed from the top and bottom areas allow the board to be visible in night time.

Frontlit boards are commonly used for outdoor retail displays, or advertisement boards. They are a popular choice for their energy efficiency, bright and vivid displays, and low maintenance costs.